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The True Cost of Not Using Chiropractic for your Animals

Updated: Apr 9

Are you an animal chiropractic enthusiast, a devoted horse owner, a skilled horse trainer, or a horse health professional? Today, let's delve into a common question we often hear when people reach out to us: "How much does it cost to get my horse adjusted?"

Picture this scenario: You've taken your horse to a show, and it didn't perform well. Maybe it shied away from a barrel or exhibited some unusual behavior. The common inquiry we receive is about the cost of getting a horse adjusted. However, let me pose a counter-question: How much does it cost not to get your horse adjusted?

Consider the expenses associated with skipping that crucial adjustment – travel fees, food, lodging, and entry fees. On top of that, your horse can't perform at its best, affecting its ability to do the job it's meant for. Now, factor in ongoing costs like trailer and truck payments. It all adds up, potentially costing you hundreds of thousands over time.

One of our clients, the first three time champion of the Martha Josey Barrell Race, owns the pink horse trailer awarded to the winner of this barrel race each year, because of her dedication to having her horse adjusted, even when it didn't seem to have issues. the winner would be awarded the trailer for one year. This client won it three times and was awarded the trailer for life. Her horse, Sparkplug, set records in arenas because his owner understood that the cost of the chiropractic adjustment was making her trailer payment.

Some might opt for vet visits and injections to address issues like difficulty turning around barrels. But here's the kicker – hock injections can cost $700 a shot, totaling $1,400. That's a significant sum that could have been invested in regular horse adjustments.

At our clinic, All Creatures Every Spine, every Tuesday between 1 and 6 o'clock, we witness these scenarios unfold. Clients share their stories – the horse's inability to turn, extend a leg, or perform as expected. We guide horse owners in recognizing these issues before they escalate, helping them understand when to schedule an adjustment. This proactive approach can save you from unnecessary expenses and ensure your horse remains sound and ready for action.

The cost of not getting your horse adjusted goes beyond monetary concerns. Animals on a routine adjustment regimen experience fewer injuries, have improved food metabolism, and better behavior. Their enhanced brain function positively impacts every aspect of their well-being.

If you're in search of an animal chiropractor for your horse, explore our network of experienced professionals at Animal Chiropractic Education. Our alumni, trained within the last decade, possess the expertise to assess and address your horse's needs, preventing potential issues before they arise.

For veterinarians or chiropractors seeking to specialize in animal chiropractic and build profitable practices, visit

Join us in the mission to help animals thrive and assist their owners in creating healthier, more successful partnerships.

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