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Animal Chiropractic Education Source


The World Leader in training Animal Chiropractors for the AVCA exam.


A.C.E.S. offers over 340 topics of Continuing Education in animal chiropractic education. Our online classes are hosted on a secure website and include downloadable notes for you to add to as you listen to each lecture. The material is available for two years from the date of the start of the program. Multiple choice quizzes at the end of each lecture ensure that most boards accept the classes as traditional CE. These online lectures are approved as regular CE through the AVCA, the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board, the State of Oklahoma Chiropractic Board, and many other agencies. A.C.E.S. is a RAIVE-approved provider, an approved provider of CE with the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board and by the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board. A.C.E.S. has also been approved by the Minnesota Board for Chiropractors and when enough interest arises for CE.

On-Site (In Person)

Some things just can’t be taught online and require a more personal approach. A.C.E.S. has purchased a ranch just south of the DFW metroplex where students can relax and learn in a comfortable atmosphere. Animals are both on-site and located nearby to ensure that everyone gets “hands-on”, not just a front row seat to watch. Texas law allows adjustment with a veterinary referral, so students attending class are allowed to adjust real animals under the supervision of the A.C.E.S. staff.

Combined Programs

Placing the didactic portion of some programs online allows the best utilization of the doctors’ time when they are attending the “hands-on” portion of the program. Check out the list of courses to see what combined programs are available.

Important Note:

We are the ONLY Animal Chiropractic school that offers classes the SAME DAY you are ready to SIGN UP.

We provide cutting-edge education to doctors, animal owners, and animal consumers to reduce the use of drugs and environmental toxins in food sources. We provide professional animal chiropractic education or training with hand-on practice.

Our Mission

We like to empower doctors to educate others about animal chiropractic to grow their businesses, enjoy their lives and become more successful.

Other animal chiropractic schools teach animal chiropractic technique and science, but this doesn’t empower the doctor to build a sustainable practice.  Doctors who do not have a complete grasp of their own value and the confidence and competence to adjust well often waste their investment in education.


At A.C.E.S. we empower doctors with actual adjustments of the animals, provide them with a foundation for the value of their gift, and offer them a full marketing package to assist them in educating their community.


Doctors who graduate from A.C.E.S. have the potential to grow their businesses, enjoy their lives more fully and become more successful.

Having more animal chiropractors will educate communities about their connection to their own health.

Animal Chiropractic School
Our Mission
Animal Chiropractic School

Who We Are

We are the World Leader in Training Animal Chiropractors for the AVCA exam. Our students consistently score highest overall and on the practical exam.




Dr. Amy teaches doctors to feel the power and energy they possess to give to their patients.  


Though Dr. Hayek has many years of study and several degrees, the most profound education she passes to her students comes from them, and from the animals who teach students to adjust.  


Her formal education includes a B.S. in English, an M.A. in technical writing, a DVM, and post doctoral studies in acupuncture, animal chiropractic, advanced neurology, and nutrition as it relates to environmental effects on the animal earning a CVA, and CVC.


During private practice, as a solo equine veterinarian, Dr. Hayek saw many horses she was unable to help achieve optimum health, until she began combining chiropractic and nutrition.  As she learned more about how to integrate these treatments, she became aware that other doctors struggled with the same challenges.


 Education is always expensive and on going, Dr. Hayek believes.  She enjoys sharing her daily discoveries with students during class, helping each class of students attain the cutting edge perspective of animal chiropractic.


Dr. Hayek is always happy to share information with audiences ranging from the very young to the very experienced.  It is in sharing and educating that communities save lives, and see their potential to grow.


To learn more about Dr. Amy's public speaking venues OR to invite Dr. Amy to one of your events CLICK HERE

Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School

Dr. Amy Hayek

Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School

Dr. Bill Ormston

Dr. Bill Ormston



Dr. O started his veterinary career like a lot of veterinarians.  He started out thinking he wanted one thing, only to find out that the glitz and the glamour of being it was not what he wanted. Dr. O was sure he was going to be a bovine exclusive veterinarian.  After working in and owning several practices, he discovered that he really cared more about his family and their health, and wanted to use his knowledge to help them too.

That is when he discovered animal chiropractic.  Through animal chiropractic, Dr. O found a sense of belonging, as well as an opportunity to help animal patients resolve their ailments.

Through the friendships and colleagues he met in the animal chiropractic profession, he learned many ways to help his family heal as well.

Animal chiropractic helped him to build a foundation for understanding health in animals that he was eager to share with other doctors like himself.  Because of this he has been the backbone of more than one animal chiropractic program.

He continues to find innovative ways to help animal chiropractors grow their practice, educate their clients and help more animals.

Dr. Bill is also a professional public speaker.  


To learn more about Dr. Bill's public speaking venues OR to invite Dr. Bill to one of your events CLICK HERE

Let's Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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