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AVCA Practical Exam
Review 2023


2024 Dates:

September 5,6,7, 2024


ALL Participates MUST register by Aug 23, 2024 

A.C.E.S. offers their students a Practical Exam Review each year.  That tradition began following the pandemic mess and has continued since.


This review is for you if you are:

  1. Uncertain about your ability to recall the listings

  2. Uncertain about the quality of your set ups

  3. Would feel more confident knowing you had done everything possible to get better.


A quality review is a difficult thing to do.  You have already completed a rigorous 240 hours of education.  You have been tested and proven you are able to serve animals to the best of your ability.


We applaud your skills and ability.  And we are here to support you as you prove once again that you are the best of the best.  You are an A.C.E.S., not just any old animal chiropractor.


The only way to practice set ups for the exam is to practice the set ups.


As an interactive review session, doctors are required to have with them 


  • their adjusting bale, 

  • a dog, 

  • a handler, and 

  • a horse.


 If you don’t have access to animals that would be compliant, do your best to approximate the animal.


For a review of the didactic information, we recommend reviewing the online lectures and quiz material.  One of the benefits of A.C.E.S. is that doctors have access to their material for 2 years from their date of registration.


There will be a question and answer session during the last 20 minutes of the review session.


The total review session will be 3 hours long.

Attendance is required.  There is NO REPLAY.

We reserve the right to cancel the review session for reasons including insufficient attendees, weather permitting, and other reasons beyond our control.


There is a history of A.C.E.S. graduates helping graduates from other schools to brush up on their setups before the AVCA exam.  Our graduates are among the top scores on the exam regularly.  The A.C.E.S. curriculum selects for doctors who are above average.  Doctors like you who are able to inspire themselves to do well.


This review is open only to graduates of A.C.E.S.  Students who are still enrolled on the date of the review but have not yet graduated are ineligible to attend.


Registration for this review closes on August 23, 2024 at midnight CST.


  • Registrants will receive email notification of the schedule and content of the review.

  • You will have a unique link to log into the review.  Do NOT share that link with anyone else.

  • Attendees will be notified by email regarding any changes in the review session.

  • Attendees will be responsible for watching their email for information.

  • Please be certain you have shared with us the email you wish to receive information through when you register.  That is also the email that will allow you into the review.


Any graduate present during the review is required to have registered.  If two or more graduates gather to attend the review, each person must be registered for the review.


Other than a cancellation of the event, all sales for this event are final.  

No refund will be given for a no-show, a partial show or a mis-scheduling on the part of the registrant.

No replay will be available. 

Recording the event is prohibited and constitutes theft of information and services.  


Your certificate of graduation is current and valid for the AVCA exam.  Violation of the rules of this review session may result in forfeiture of your A.C.E.S. certificate.  Be aware that if your friends want to attend, they are able to attend by registering the same way you did.


If you decide to share with your friends what you learned - not the content of the review, but your own version - we applaud your generosity to share what you spent your hard earned funds on.  We hope it increases the number of well trained animal chiropractors.

You A.C.E.S. are confident and experienced.

We are certain you will do well on the AVCA exam

A.C.E.S. students who have not graduated on the date of the review are not eligible to attend.


  1. Register before August 23 at midnight

  2. Attend September 4,6,7 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. CST

  3. Invite your A.C.E.S. graduate friends only - all attendees must be registered for the event.


Reproduction of the review session in any way will be a violation of the rules for this review. This can affect your ability to take the AVCA exam.

Animal Chiropractic School

At A.C.E.S. we believe that your investment in your education should bring you a reward.

We always offer our graduates the opportunity to attend a lab weekend for a review and to recharge their energy.  Registration for those weekends can be done at this link:

We provide cutting-edge education to doctors, animal owners, and animal consumers to reduce the use of drugs and environmental toxins in food sources.

Let's Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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