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FAQs Page

The wonderful thing about Animal Chiropractic 101 is the schedule is up to you.

Your registration gives you 2 years to complete the course.  For some doctors that is more time than they need.
We always encourage doctors to complete the first Module soon after registration so they can begin helping animal patients. 
Occasionally some doctors take longer than 2 years. 

When do you want to be finished with your animal chiropractic training?
We will help you reach that goal. When you register, you also begin classes on that first day with online lectures. 
That segment of lectures must be completed before attending the first of 3 labs.

What happens after you register?

1)  You get several emails from us for receipts and login to your online courses.  It may take an hour or so before this happens.

2)  You begin to get emails from us preparing you for Lab 1.  Read these.  

They come from

3)  We interact through texting to help you complete your courses.  If you are having a lot of trouble, we may call you to help out.  You can also request a call.

4)  As you get closer to finishing your online work, you are asked to reserve a room at the ranch, and put your travel information on a Google Sheet to share with other students who are attending.

5)  The travel information helps everyone share rental cars from the airport to save some money.

6)  Then you come to Lab 1 and have a lot of fun!


What can we do to help you begin your animal chiropractic training?


These are the questions many doctors have before registering for the course.

Please read through them and then feel free to call us for further explanation.

  • Do I have to be a doctor to register?

    1. No - but you must be IN veterinary or chiropractic school already and will be licensed within a few months of completing the course.

    2. Yes - and you must have a license to practice.  This is not a course for those who want to retire and let their licenses go.

  • What do I have to do before attending the Lab at A.C.E.S. Ranch?

    1. Step 1 - Register for the course

    2. Step 2 - Complete 43 hours of online lecture material

    3. Step 3 - Let us know you are attending (you will be prompted by emails and a class) and Book A Room

  • How many trips do I have to make to Texas?

    1. There are ONLY 3 In-Person Labs to attend.  

    2. While you see many on the School Calendar, you only have to attend 1, 2 and 3 in that order.  Find a date that works for your schedule for Lab 1, and register for Animal Chiropractic 101 at least a month in advance so you can complete the online work.

  • Will I learn how to adjust by taking the lectures?

    1. All the technique work is taught in person at the ranch.  You will not learn any technique or adjusting skills in the online work.  That part requires in person training.

  • Does the tuition include the room at the ranch?

    1. No. Rooms are by reservation only.  Students may book a room anytime for the weekend they intend to attend. Having the online lectures completed for that Module is essential to attending.  We can always refund the room rate.

  • Can I bring my dog?  Can we use it in Lab?!!

    1. No.  There are no exceptions.

    2. The school has plenty of dogs that know how to help you learn animal chiropractic.

    3. Unless you present a doctor’s note one week in advance of class with your prescription for a dog to help with your disability, your dog is best left at home.  Disability means you are blind, hearing impaired, physically impaired in some way, or have a dog that alerts you to your seizures or diabetes insulin needs. We will look up the doctor’s license and call his or her office. We do not take it lightly when people fake a service dog.  Emotional support or therapy dogs must stay at home.

  • What if I don’t complete the course in 2 years?

    1. We encourage all of our students to attend Lab 1 in the first 4 months after registering.  This will allow many students to begin adjusting animals legally in their home state.

    2. Any student who completes all of their work within one year from registration, and attains a score above 85% in AC 101 will be added to a drawing for a FREE weekend advanced course of their choice from A.C.E.S.

    3. All students who complete the course within their 2 year time frame can attend 1 FREE month of group coaching sessions with Dr. Amy.  Sessions occur in September each year.

    4. If after 2 years you have allowed too many distractions to keep you from completing the course, you are allowed to extend your courses for a fee.​​

  • What if I don’t make it to the Lab 1 I was planning to attend?

    1. You can attend another lab in a month, as we always have Lab 1 each month.

  • Can I come to Lab 1 and Lab 2 on the same trip?

    1. Yes, 5 months out of the year Lab 2 is held the weekend after Lab 1.  Many doctors attend both in one trip.  This can be difficult for some doctors to manage as they must complete 86 hours of online work before attending Lab 1.  However, for many this is the best way to fit their training into their schedule.

  • What if I complete Lab 3 too early in the year?  Will that affect my AVCA exam score?

    1. Many doctors who complete the course early in the year actually do better on the AVCA exam because they are not stressed to finish the course so near the exam.  They have time to review their studies and they have the opportunity to practice.  

    2. The doctors who feel they need additional help studying for the AVCA exam are able to come back to Lab 2 in July for an audit round (just learning no exams) to prepare for the test.

    3. A.C.E.S. students are also eligible to attend a one day Zoom review for the exam a weekend or two before the exam.

    4. Because A.C.E.S. students have 2 years of access to their lecture material online, they also review those lectures for the AVCA Exam.

  • How do I get to the ranch from the airport?

    1. Most students rent a car to drive from the airport to the ranch.

    2. Students on the Google Sheet can contact one another to share rental cars.

    3. Some students have taken Uber to the ranch, but getting Uber or a Taxi to pick you up at the ranch is not always easy.  Most of these doctors end up sharing a ride with classmates back to the airport.

  • If I stay off site, can I join the class for meals?

    1. Yes, a meal plan is available on the Book-A-Room page.  It allows for one person per day to book it.  You may need to book meals for 4 days that are not the weekend you are here, but we will know.

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