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Animal Chiropractic School

Dr. Amy's Cookbook

Animal Chiropractic Cookbook

Why would an Animal Chiropractic veterinarian have a cookbook?  This might seem the least likely place to find a recipe subscription service, but by popular demand from doctors who have stayed with us during their Animal Chiropractic training labs, Dr. Amy has put together all the favorite recipes served during the weekends in class.  All the recipes are gluten-free, no processed sugars and designed to help students burn fat, not brain cells. By the end of the weekend’s students are raving about the food and begging for more. Dr. O has lost over 80 lbs. while eating these recipes and HE LIKES to eat.

This recipe subscription comes with a complete menu of entrees, side dishes, breakfast foods, and deserts.  Because these veterinarians are busy people, the book also has an important Prepping section complete with worksheets for planning and food prep a week at a time.  New recipes, prepping instructions, and product guides are included in each month’s issue.

In 2012 when Dr. Amy announced that she was eliminating all the sugar and gluten from the family diet, Dr. O was glad it might help the kids, but apprehensive about having to endure such a menu himself.  Having been a single father for a long time, Dr. O was accustomed to eating out a lot.

However, after experiencing many of the dishes that Dr. Amy found after researching recipes, studying food plans and creating some of her own, Dr. O decided he liked eating at home more than he liked eating out.  He saw how it helped him feel better and how it managed the energy of the family in a healthier manner.

Dr. Amy has been working with equine nutrition for the past 15 years, and more recently canine nutrition, so diving into the aspects of human nutrition came easily for her.  A former athlete herself, Dr. Amy has always been health and nutrition conscious and changing the way her whole family eats has made it easier for her to feel good about her own health.


Animal Chiropractic Cookbook
$14.95 for 4 months

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