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I had an awesome time learning everyday, enjoyed the healthy and wholesome food immensely, felt so relaxed and comfortable in my room with the perfect view of the Texas sunrise every morning, and felt welcomed by Dr. Amy, Dr. O, and their family! The small homey touches they provided me with like great organic toiletries, and a coffee and tea bar right outside my room made my stay even better! And as far as the hands on education goes, I got to adjust over 30 animals in just 4 short days! Can not wait for my next trip out there! - Dr. Sarah S.

Fantastic program from start to finish. I began the program from 1000 miles away online yet felt like the support I needed was seconds away. The response to questions was almost immediate. Several times, when needing course work reset, I would see the phone lighting up. It wasn't just a simple text to say we've handled your request, it was often a voice on the other end making certain you were understanding the material being presented to you, as well as all the reasons it was important. Important not simple for testing purposes but for later real-life application. When attending the labs, A. the ranch and housing is amazing. but also B. You will never see hands-on like this. Dr. O and Dr. Amy teach you what you need to know and give you the opportunity to show it immediately! This allows for you to build confidence from the get-go and also allows for immediate critiquing to allow you to get it right and not form bad habits. I cannot recommend this program enough! You WILL NOT get this type of opportunity to attend and IMMEDIATELY apply what you learn anywhere else - Dr. Brent McConnell

I truly enjoyed my time at ACES. The course fit my schedule and I could complete at my own pace. I loved staying at the ranch. It felt more like a vacation than a school. Also, the food was healthy AND delicious. I feel like this course adequately prepared me for the AVCA certification exam. I really appreciate the continued support I get from Dr. O and Dr. Amy. They feel like friends rather than instructors. - Dr.Kelly Herrington

Took the course through ACES to be certified in animal chiropractic. Successfully passed the certification exam this year. They do an excellent job preparing you for the test and to practice animal chiropractic. From talking to vets and chiropractors who took other courses, you get way more hands on experience with ACES. - Dr. Sterling Hall

I’m 2/3rds of the way through their chiropractic course for animals and loving it. They are very kind, helpful people and the atmosphere is very supportive! Highly recommend it for any veterinarian or DC who wants to do chiropractic.  -Dr. Lea Warner

I am currently enrolled in the ACES chiropractic program and am 2/3 of the way to completion. I feel I have had a high level of personalized instruction and a great deal of hands on animal work. The hands on work on live dogs and horses under the guidance of experienced veterinary chiropractors is invaluable in helping you learn to properly adjust animals and learn how to integrate it into your practice. I believe ACES will prepare me well for passing my chiropractic boards and shaping my future practice. -Dr. Denise Bickel

I finished the ACES "Animal Chiropractic 101" course in Nov. 2016 and passed the AVCA certification exam in Sept. 2017. I am glad I chose this animal chiropractic training program over the other 3 in the U.S. (Parker University in Texas, Options for Animals in Kansas, or Healing Oasis in Wisconsin) because the lectures are online, you only have to travel 3 times for on-site labs, and the amount of hands-on experience you get motion palpating and adjusting live dogs and horses under the supervision of instructors makes you feel confident to go home and use these skills immediately on canine and equine patients. I plan to take advanced courses at ACES to fulfill my continuing education requirements to stay AVCA certified. - Dr. Joanna Gardner

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Animal Chiropractic Education Source


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Animal Chiropractic Education Source is an equal opportunity educational school. Students are accepted based on their previous level of education alone and not based on race, religion, sex, or diagnosed handicaps. 

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