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Animal Chiropractic School


Doctors Rounds: (advanced training)


A weekly meeting where Certified Animal Chiropractors discuss cases in a supportive environment. Each session will detail at least two cases for discussion and sometimes many more. The format will be “Zoom” where each doctor’s computer can be live or muted depending on their level of participation at that time.  The purpose is to provide a format where AVCA certified doctors can come and discuss problem cases, success stories and practice difficulties in a timely fashion.  Attendees will be presented with some of the most in-depth animal anatomic terminology which they should be able to use when conversing with other health care professionals and should understand so that they can convey the information to their clients.  Doctors can bring radiographs, share videos and speak about issues they are having in their practice.



The AVCA has approved these rounds for ½ hour of clinical and ½ hour of practice management each month.  The maximum allowable hours per 3-year renewal period is 10 hours.  Replays will be available via a secure membership page, but the attendee must participate in the original for CE credit.



Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 1 hour

Assessments: No

Skill Level: Certified Animal Chiropractor

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 0

Language: English

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