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Are you a chiropractor who has a passion for helping people become well?  Are you feeling like there is a way to reach more patients in your practice?  Would you like a way to educate your patients in a way that gets them to follow your suggestions better?  Did you know that often pet owners are more compliant with their pets than with themselves?  Do you have a love for animals?

Would you like to know that chiropractic can reach a greater percentage of the population so that it becomes the first choice for more people in medicine?

Help reach over 18% of the World.
Reignite Your Passion for chiropractic.
Become a True “Family” Chiropractor.
Put Organic Food in your Hands.

These are just some of the things that can happen when animals are adjusted as expertly as humans.  More than half of all animal owners who would not see a chiropractor themselves are willing to seek it for their pets.


How Animal Chiropractic Grows Your Business

When pets are seen by an animal chiropractor their humans are 50% more likely to seek chiropractic care for themselves on a regular basis.  Because these people are seeking care for their animals, they are exposed not only to the education of what chiropractic is, but also witness first hand what amazing results can be achieved when the nervous system is freed and allowed to heal the body.

Have you ever had a person ask you that question, “I am asking this for a friend…?”  This is human nature to seek answers to important health questions from a distance so that we are assured that the harm to us is buffered.  The same occurs when humans have their animals adjusted first.  They care deeply for their animals and want to do their best, but sometimes are willing to attempt anything to save the animal.  When they realize that chiropractic care in the hands of a trained doctor is the BEST care, they begin seeking it for themselves.

One way to reach more patients is to see their family members first.  When the family member is a beloved pet, the whole family benefits.

Become a Certified Animal Chiropractor!

Becoming an AVCA-certified Animal Chiropractor helps chiropractors to build relationships with veterinarians, which means opening up potential relationships with new client bases that were previously not seeking chiropractic care.

Our students can say this better than we can.  Here is what Dr. Jeff Mathews had to say about the course:

Want to make fewer trips away from your practice?  Want to infuse your practice with new insights that will help your patients even more?  Is it becoming more difficult to face patients each day, feeling that your skills and talents have become a repetitious labor?

The Animal Chiropractic 101 course at Animal Chiropractic Education Source is designed for doctors who have busy practices, want to treat both dogs and horses, want to be able to sit for the AVCA Certification Exam with confidence in their education, and who want the flexibility to take the course on their own schedule.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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