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GI Problems and Chiropractic Care For Animals

Hello and welcome to Animal Chiropractic Clinic Chatter, a podcast where Dr. O from All Creatures Every Spine interviews doctors and animal owners that utilize animal chiropractic to get their unique perspectives. Yes it's really a thing, Dr. O utilizes his 30 years of experience as both an animal chiropractor and veterinarian and to dig deep into the discussion of complex issues, affecting the lives of your animal friends and companions

join us for this educational episode.

Thanks for joining us for this portion of the episode as Dr O begins to answer the question “What is Animal Chiropractic?” He will look at how the chiropractic adjustment is a valuable and viable treatment for what ails your animals.

Dr. O- Hey! So, your dog or horse has a GI problem. He's got diarrhea, maybe vomiting in a dog, not in a horse. Reoccurring colic episodes. Those are all gastrointestinal problems, you know. How can that be chiropractic? Well all those organs, all the gastrointestinal organs; the stomach, the intestines, even the ability to chew your food properly are all controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system works based on a system of biofeedback. Communication between each other a nerve that comes out of the brain runs right out. Right beside the atlas, called the vagal nerve. This nerve is important. It is a nerve that controls heart rate. It controls the ability of the body to digest food. It kind of controls your ability to breathe. So that means I have increased vagal tone. Okay, increased vagal tone means that my sympathetic parasympathetic nervous system, my fight or flight, my ability to relax, my ability to digest food properly, my ability to communicate when it is time to digest food. When is it time to have a bowel movement, how am I supposed to absorb the nutrients from this food? Get rid of it, okay all that's kind of determined by our nervous system. The GI tract is one huge muscle. It's smooth muscle is different from the muscles that we normally think about, but it's a muscle. So when we have animals on muscle relaxers, when we have animals on anything that affects the muscular system of the animal. It affects the GI tract as well. So we can get into problems with digestion. So your dog has some problems, your horse has some colic, not only see your veterinarian but go ahead and get your animal adjusted. We like to keep our animals adjusted at once or twice a month for maintenance. Our high level competitive dogs and horses, well we see them maybe more often but when we're fine-tuned, it's like a fine-tuned automobile. When you have a small little difference, you really notice a huge outcome in performance. When you're not that fine-tuned and you're driving the clunker down the road, like the farm truck. You got the farm truck it's up you know, what is it a 19? It's an antique, so it's a 1990 F-150. I don't really notice too much when things are going. It takes a whole lot for me to notice, hey this thing's running differently. My 2019 Nissan, hey it's a little bit off I need to take this in and get it fixed. Those are the kinds of things when we see these animals, we see some at both ends of the spectrum. We have people bring us animals that are just barely off. Yep they need an adjustment. We see animals that are really serious and we adjust those. Now some of those really serious animals, we may not adjust everything on the first visit because it's just too much for the body to overcome. So maybe if your horse is colic, maybe only adjust the atlas. We may not adjust the rack of lumbar. Your dog is vomiting, we may only adjust the lower cervical and maybe the upper cervical. We may not adjust those thoracolumbar. All those organs that are making your dog feel sick, making your horse have that gut pain are all controlled by the central nervous system. And our goal as animal chiropractors is to remove that interference and allow those organs to function at their optimal level. It's not our goal to make your dog quit vomiting, to make your horse not have colic. What we want them to do is to perform the way they should be performing. That includes breathing, eating, drinking, all those things need to happen in order for us to perform. I don't care if your dog's a couch potato, if your horse is a pasture ornament or if your dog's a world champion and your horse is the fastest barrel racer horse in the world. Chiropractic care for all animals helps them maintain and be the best they can be

And as Paul Harvey used to say “Now you know…the rest of the story Have a Good day.”

Dr. O-

Where can you subscribe to the show and learn more about getting your animals adjusted?

If you're in the Meridian Texas area, drop in on a Tuesday afternoon to get your animals adjusted. If that isn't possible schedule a consultation on your animal's health with Dr. O

Or you can also purchase a copy of Dr. O's book,Yes It's Really A Thing.

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