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Animal Chiropractic School

Animal Chiropractic Education Source

Training Animal Chiropractors to Help Thousands & Make Millions

You deserve to earn more for caring.

More Time.

Less Time in the Classroom

More Clients.

More Money.

Empowered to Educate People

Premier Marketing Packages

Feeling uncertain about treating animal patients can lead to a lack of job satisfaction.

School didn’t give you these tools. 

Animal health care often puts doctors in a losing position.

Worried and sad student female searching information in a laptop on line in a desk at home

Comfortable. Convenient. Affordable.

Bales. Spines. Booklets. & More!

Animal Chiropractic School

Graduates who use the proven strategies they learn with Animal Chiropractic 101 build successful practices and help millions of animal patients.


Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic

Do you struggle for time with family or even for yourself?

Are there animals waiting for your care?

Do you struggle to make more income?

Animal Chiropractic School

"I was able to complete the course in just 3 months.  It was great to not be away from my family for very long."

~ Bryce Brown DC

Animal Chiropractic School

"Doing animal chiropractic makes my heart sing.  I am so glad I took the A.C.E.S. course!"

~ Pamela Riggs, DC

Animal Chiropractic School
Animal Chiropractic School

"The A.C.E..S. program allowed me to take the course on my schedule.  I used what I learned in Lab 1 to serve animal patients and I made enough to pay off my tuition between Lab 1 and Lab 2."

~ Dusti Prentice, DVM

Animal Chiropractic School

What ACES Clients are Saying 👇

"What I would tell my former self about Animal Chiropractic 101"

~ Dr. Ashley Chen

"Giving Life Back to Patients"

~ Dr. Lesley Moser

Register Now.

• Accelerated Courses
• Flexible Class Schedules
• Dynamic Patient Care Plans

Attract Clients.

Make More.

• Attract Animal Chiropractic Clients
• More Referrals
• Better Results 

• Custom Marketing Packages
• Increase Your NET Income
• Less Overhead

Let's Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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Build a successful animal chiropractic practice!

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