Animal Chiropractic Education Source Alumni are the pride and joy of the school.

We have been training successful animal chiropractors since 2013.  If you believe that your animals will benefit from chiropractic care, contact one of these A.C.E.S. trained animal chiropractors.  If you find yourself outside of their practice area there is a link at the bottom of the page that will help you find other AVCA certified doctors.  All these doctors have advanced training in the adjustment of dogs and horses.   

At A.C.E.S. we know that other species also benefit from the power of the adjustment.  If you are looking for a chiropractor that understands the anatomy and behavior of food animals check out these doctors that have completed a certificate course in Food Animal Adjusting. 



Dr. Amy

Dr. O

Animal Chiropractic Education Source


10771 Highway 6

Meridian, TX 76665



(843) 900-1502

Animal Chiropractic Education Source is an equal opportunity educational school. Students are accepted based on their previous level of education alone and not based on race, religion, sex, or diagnosed handicaps. 

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