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Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame
Animal chiropractic has been practiced by many since the time D.D. Palmer began his work with
humans. We are initiating the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame to acknowledge those individuals who
have made contributions toward the development of animal chiropractic as one of the best modes of
treatment for animals.

Mission: To acknowledge in a meaningful way those who have spent a significant amount of their
professional time promoting animal chiropractic.


The ACHoF will consist of an anonymous 3 member board. The members of the board
will manage all administrative functions until such time it is necessary to adjust the organization.


Class members: Each class will consist of 10 members. Three post humous members may be awarded
each year.

Nominations will open each year on or about December 1.
Nominations for the first class will originate with the Board Members. Each nominee must accept his
or her nomination in advance and will be notified as early as December 31 in order that they may
schedule time in their year to attend and accept their award.

The board will solicit nominees from the current members who will nominate subsequent classes. Each member will be allowed to nominate 2 people. The nominations will be pooled by the administration board and distributed to the entire active class for voting.

Voting members will choose up to 10 nominated persons on the ballot. When a nominee receives
approval from 75% of the voting class, that nominee will be notified and asked for their acceptance as early in the year as possible once voting has been counted. If more than 10 nominees receive 75% of approval, the members of the board will be the tie breakers.

It is possible that nominees may decline their place in the ACHoF. In this case the class will be fewer than 10 that year.

will occur during the annual Hall of Fame meeting and reception. The meeting will coincide with the annual AVCA meeting. The Hall of Fame meeting and reception will be held separately from the AVCA for Hall of Fame members and their guests. Arrangements for the meeting will be made by the Hall of Fame Board members and their assistants.

Inductees will be required to attend the meeting in order to become members, except in the case of post humus nominees. Once a member, attendance is optional but strongly encouraged to maintain the honor and comradery of the HOF members. Inductees will be presented with an award suitable for display in their place of business.