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Practical Exam Review 2022


2022 Dates:

August 20, 2022

People are afraid to take the AVCA exam.  It is a big exam with a ton of new information to recall.  It can mean the difference between making money and losing a job.  They need to be able to pass the AVCA exam in 2022.   Their plans for animal chiropractic depend on it.

The AVCA Practical Review is a one day meeting for A.C.E.S. graduates.  Their confidence in their adjusting skills soars when they get the one last time to show off their work before instructors.

1) Register for the one day class now.

2) Attend the course - it is only one day.  You will get lots of reminders to attend.

3) Gather the items you will need: 
Zoom app on your phone, 
tablet or computer, 
a willing horse, 
a willing dog 
and a handler

3) Be confident in your adjusting skills for the AVCA exam.

You planned to study.  You got out your notes.  You listened to the same lecture three times.

But studying for this exam is getting harder the closer you get to it.  People keep asking you to come see their animals instead.  That has to be a sign, right?

Can you afford to fail the exam and repeat it again next year?  It isn't just the cost of the exam, but the travel and the time away from home too. 

Plan this small sacrifice to work on your practical exam for just a bit.
Know you will have the skills and the knowledge to nail this exam the first time.
Bonus that you will be practicing with your A.C.E.S. friends!  You will be cheered on by them and you can cheer them on too.

Feel confident that you will excel at this test.  Be the Best of the Best because you are an A.C.E.S. graduate.

Register today.

See us on August 20, 2022

All A.C.E.S. Graduates are welcome to attend with registration.  Reproduction of the review session in any way will be a violation of the rules for this review. This can affect your ability to take the AVCA exam.

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