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Predict your animal’s health.

The book you have all been waiting for, that puts together the environmental connections between animal health and their environments.


After 30 years of work with horses and determining their health patterns, Dr. Hayek is sharing with readers how to begin seeing these patterns for themselves.

If you’ve thought that there just had to be a better way to manage animal health, you were right.

This book is the manual to helping animal owners find health for their animals and themselves in the environment in which they live.


"You are the Weather" 

by Amy Hayek


Get your copy today.

Hard copy $45

Soft cover $25


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What readers have to say about You are the Weather:


"I was fortunate to meet Dr. Amy when I was struggling to determine the cause of my horse’s performance and behavioral issues.  Dr. Amy opened my eyes to seeing how every aspect of my horse’s life was contributing to the behaviors he was displaying.  Learning from her gave me a new perspective and shifted my entire approach to horse care and horsemanship.  This book captures the invaluable knowledge she shared with me during that time and has given me even more to think about regarding the connection, patterns, and influence we share with our animals and all living beings.  I’m thrilled Dr. Amy wrote this book as I know it will give all who read it a new way to think about and approach caring for their animals and themselves.  It’s a must read for anyone interested in a more holistic approach to health and wellness."

Jamie Stump

Heart Horsemanship


"I thought that it was well written and logically organized. I think that it will make a great addition to anyone's Animal Chiropractic bookshelf! Well done!"

Dr. Neal Sivula- Integrative Veterinarian

Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center- Richfield, Ohio USA

You are the Weather by Dr. Amy Hayek (Hardcover)

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