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Exercise for dogs helps our patients stay mobile.  These lectures outline one type of workout our canine clients can use to help their dogs stay young.


Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 1 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 1

Language: English


  • Tai-Chihuahua came about because Tai Chi is not just for people. Have some fun with a slow-moving Tai Chi motivated exercise program. Good for old and young dogs, and cats too!   Dr. Ava Frick provides an explanation of the benefits along with the step-by-step moves matches the video presentations. A young, old, medium, and small size dog, and cat are used for demonstrations. Voice direction video and then video with just the peaceful music are included.  This lecture was previously given at the 2016 AVCA Convention.

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