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Skeletal Anatomy Weekend

(Room and Board Included)


This exciting 20 hour weekend is spent in the bone room with the 60 plus specimens from at least 20 different species that A.C.E.S. has the privilege of owning. Typical domestic species as well as exotic skeletons will be examined and articulated. Discussions on form and function will allow the practitioner to utilize the information on Monday morning in their practice. Check the calendar for dates.


Skeletal Anatomy Weekend

Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 20 hours

Assessments: No

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 0

Quizzes: 0

Language: English

Skeletal Anatomy Weekend

  • Skeletal Anatomy Weekend

    Comparative review of giraffe and llama anatomy.   Compare it to dog, horse and cow.  This comparison will be accomplished in the bone room as participants attend laboratory to put spine of an interesting species together.  There will be a review of giraffe and llama evolution, reproduction and aging as well as review of giraffe and llama habitat and lifestyle.  Students will also review the giraffe and llama nervous system and how gravity effects the skeleton.  The giraffe and llama will be used as a foundation for discussion and comparison however the group will decide which skeleton they decide to work on.  Philosophy and Marketing discussions will be held.

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