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Organs and the Brain


The brain controls all functions of the body and for proper function there must be adequate feedback.  Dr. Amy Hayek examines how the skin, heart and gut communicate with the brain.


Certificate: AVCA IVCA

Duration: 6 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 3

Quizzes: 3

Language: English

Organs and the Brain

  • This lecture series will examine the connection between the organs and the brain.  Dr. Amy Hayek will review the function of the heart and gut, and their interaction in the body.  She will spend time discussing the difference between cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle and how each respond to neuro-stimulation.  Which ones can provide immediate response due to environmental influences?  She will explore how the chiropractic adjustment alters organ function and hormone output and how animal chiropractors change animal behavior.   There are three lectures in this series.  The Skin and the Brain.  We Got You Covered was previously given at the 2017 AVCA Convention.  The Heart and the Brain.  A Tale of Dual Leadership was previously given at the 2016 AVCA Convention.  The Stomach and the Brain.  Best Friends was previously given at the 2015 AVCA Convention.

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