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Gross Anatomy Weekend

Students will spend the weekend studying equine gross anatomy in both the live horse and cadaver. Students will participate in the hands-on dissection of a horse. After palpating and performing gait analysis and neurological examinations on a live horse with chronic health issues, the students will spend the remainder of the weekend dissecting the cadaver. Contact A.C.E.S. to get your name on the list. Requires a minimum of 6 attendees.


Gross Anatomy Weekend

Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 30 hours

Assessments: No

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 0

Quizzes: 0

Language: English

Gross Anatomy Weekend

  • This weekend will include the gross dissection of 1 horse.  The participants will identify muscles, nerves and organs important to the animal chiropractor.


    The weekend will begin on Friday morning with the Examination, Motion palpation, Gait Analysis of the live horse.  Students will very carefully and respectfully perform all aspects of a chiropractic examination on an elderly/injured horse that was headed for the slaughterhouse before coming to the A.C.E.S. ranch.  The horse will be humanely euthanized after each student is allowed time for paying respects.  The remaining 27 hours will be spent with each participant aiding in the dissection of the specimen.  As muscles are exteriorized attention will be paid to movement and innervation.  The goal of the dissection will be to learn more in depth how the horse moves from a chiropractic standpoint.

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