CNS Rules

The central nervous system controls everything.  If we understand how and why it works we can begin to see patterns in our patients.


Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 3.5 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 1

Language: English

CNS Rules

  • CNS Rules: Why Our Patients Do the Things They Do examines the laws of nature and how they affect our patients.  After examining the laws of nature, we will come down the path and see how the rules of the CNS effect those same patients.  We will re-examine how these laws and rules impact treatment outcomes.  Going with the laws and rules will result in more favorable patient outcomes.  It might take a village to heal our patients if something has been trying to ignore these rules.  Finally, we will look at how the animal chiropractor impacts the CNS.  Given at the 2016 AVCA Convention. 

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Animal Chiropractic Education Source is an equal opportunity educational school. Students are accepted based on their previous level of education alone and not based on race, religion, sex, or diagnosed handicaps. 

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