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The LZ30z offers:

• 1400mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelengths

• 1000mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelengths

• The perfect balance of power and safety

• Programmable continuous, pulsed and sweep output modes.

• In manual mode, users can set the pulse frequency and duration.

• Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundreds of protocols.

• Self-Calibration - As the laser diodes age, the system self-adjusts providing a consistent power output. Self-Calibration is usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.

• Maximum flexibility using the USB cable. Users can create and maintain presets on their PC by mounting the LZ30z as a USB drive on their PC.

• Cordless operation using a 3000mAH Lithium-Ion battery

• Highly portable compact design

• During operation, shows total photon density and elapsed time

• Option hand free operation with the Avant stand


Package Includes:

• 1400mW at 808nm and 1000mW at 637nm Laser

• Case

• 2 pair glasses

• Charger

• probe adapter

• web app & pro-level support



• 400 animal protocols 

• 100 homeopathic frequencies

• Canine and equine nerve chart

Avant LZ30z Cold Laser

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