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You have a problem with money.  You think money has power over you in some way.  You never have enough or have it at the right time.  You can’t keep it because you let others demand it from you, or you think you NEED things right now.


Instead of solving your own problems first you solve other people’s problems as a hiding place.


You often get sick when you need to do something important.  But you don’t take care of yourself, so when you get sick at the most opportune times, you have an out, instead of making the choice to NOT get sick in the first place. You decided to eat the sugar, or all the cheese instead of considering how it would impact you in a day or a week.


It is predictable.  You know it will be getting dark and depressing but you think you can blame others for your unhappiness.


We don’t just train animals chiropractors to adjust, we train them to build a successful practice.  This includes making better decisions for yourself.


That is how you train your body to be smart enough to stop listening to your head and all the what ifs you throw at yourself.


You fear success.  You fear not having to work so hard that you are complaining all the time.  You fear the luxury of having a bathroom break or time for lunch.  All of these things make you feel like you are doing less, and that money requires you to do more.


As an animal chiropractor, you will learn to do less, and feel as if you did almost nothing, while offering your clients more value than they ever received when you were DOing more.


And your clients will be able to SEE the value you are offering them.  This is the most important part.  Your clients will know what to expect from you and your practice.  It will be clear.


Learn that your thoughts drive your success.  In the first part of the course we will train you to recognize how your philosophy sets the stage for your ability to grow a practice.


Above, down, inside, out is not just about health, it is about your practice and the ability to grow it.


You will learn how to build a community of professionals and clients.  A practice is not one person.  A practice is the thought of one person acted out by many people to create health and wellness.  That thought is your mission statement, that includes the problem you solve, the action you take to solve it and the outcome people realize when they bring their animals to see you.


This course is right for you if...


  • You want to make more money and have more freedom of time.


  • You are worried that your work as a veterinarian is harming your mental health, but you don’t want to stop helping animals.


  • You are uncertain animal chiropractic will help you create a business that helps animal patients.


  • You are uncertain you can be successful enough to grow an animal chiropractic practice.


3 days 



Central Time from 10 a.m. to noon each day.

Only registered participants can purchase the bonus replay for $197


Who: Open to All Veterinarians and Chiropractors

Animal Chiro 101 (Light) Virtual

  • Certificate: NONE

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