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Advanced Canine Atlas Weekend


How do you know what to adjust?

Many animal chiropractors feel uncertain about what atlas subluxations look like.

Many animal chiropractors learned techniques without understanding the diagnosis.


If your patients are dogs, you want to be sure you are addressing their needs.

If your patients are dogs with jobs, your clients expect you to be accurate.


Canine patients need you to be effective.


The Canine Atlas/Occiput adjustment is the gold.

  • Learn to diagnose these issues.
  • Learn to solve your clients’ problems in the ring.
  • Learn how it feels to be certain of your work.


Register today for Advanced Adjusting Weekend, Canine Atlas Adjusting.

March 29 - 31, 2024

A.C.E.S. ranch

This is an IN PERSON event.

Space limited to 10 students.


Students who have been to other animal chiropractic courses tell us that we give them far more to take home and change the lives of their patients. 


At A.C.E.S. we train animal chiropractors to  build successful animal chiropractic practices.


Register today.


Advanced Canine Atlas Weekend

Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 20 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: Certified Animal Chiropractor

Lectures: 2

Quizzes: 0

Language: English

Advanced Canine Atlas Weekend

  • Animal Chiropractors who are effective can adjust more animals, get better results and make more money.

    Animal Chiropractors who are uncertain about atlas and occiput adjustments in the canine are less effective at their job.  Their patients remain subluxated.

    Become more effective in your adjustments.  See more patients in less time.  Learn to be certain of your work.

    This course teaches:


    • Anatomy of the atlas and occiput 

    • Neuroanatomy of the atlas and occiput

    • Diagnosis of the listings for A/O subluxations

    • Correction for A/O subluxations

    • A proven protocol to guide the adjuster.

    • A proven formula to help clients understand the adjustment.

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