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You get the things you are committed to.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Many doctors wait to begin animal chiropractic training for the "right" time.

Knowing the right time means having defined what is "right" from "wrong".

It is not uncommon for doctors to put off adding animal chiropractic for 3, 5 or even 13 years.

They may have considered it while in veterinary school or chiropractic school, and then the pressure to go make money overtook them as they neared graduation.

Where does that pressure come from? Let's explore who creates the pressure to work. When the student loan people speak with students they emphasize the need to begin making payments. For students who up until now have only known their student loans as methods of income, this is a big thought shift. Suddenly the very resources they have depended upon are not only saying, "no more" but are now saying, "give it all back".

Going into practice as an associate often means not making enough money to pay even the day to day bills, let alone student loans.

As associate salaries begin to rise due to demand, associate doctors are beginning to be able to pay off their student loans sooner. While this is not advice on how to pay off loans, consider that the student loan is often difficult and creates more pressure to work hard, for potentially lower pay than you deserve.

Adding animal chiropractic during school is an excellent method for 1) making more money 2) being a bigger asset to the practice and 3) being able to pay off student loans sooner.

A.C.E.S. has designed a proven method to help doctors create successful animal chiropractic practices.

Payment plans are designed to help students complete the course in a timely manner. Completing the course in a year is better than taking the full 2 years you are allotted. For one it means you will be helping more patients. And making more money.

We have done the math for you. After your 147th adjustment, your course will be paid for and all the rest of your adjustments will be your income. You will be able to adjust 10 dogs in an hour after Lab 2.

For the full curriculum, click this link.

If your family wanted to have a vacation, you would make the time for it.

If your daughter wanted a car, you might sell your motorcycle to pay for it.

We do these kinds of things not only because we love our families, but secretly so they will love us back.

What does it take to love yourself back?

What would you give up temporarily so you can have a lifetime of enjoyment?

Everyone has hardships. For some people these hardships mean they have lost out on the one opportunity to achieve their dream.

Though rationally, I know that that one opportunity was just one of many opportunities to achieve a dream, or one of many dreams.

Thomas Edison is credited with saying, persistence is better than know how. Persistence is the friend of anyone who has a goal. Persistence is the rational realization that there is always another chance to fulfill a dream.

Establishing your commitment to take the next step sets the goal in motion. This makes the dream possible. It may be scary, but it is also exhilarating to finally feel oneself loving oneself enough to believe in that dream.

You will need accountability along the way. Chose your accountability partner wisely. That is what Animal Chiropractic 101 does for doctors. Creates accountability, and support along the way.

Doctors who attend Lab 1 soon after registration find accountability partners in their lab mates.


Name 50 ways you could come up with the time and money in the next week to take the course. You only need to make the deposit of $697.00. Then you must make the commitment to yourself to complete the course.

  1. Some suggestions you might consider from previous students may be like one doctor who sold his truck and his boat so he could take the course.

  2. One doctor listened to lectures while she was doing emergency surgeries at night.

  3. My son always has enough appetite left for cookies, even after he said he was full from the dinner he hardly ate. Consider how to make your priority a priority.

  4. Pay yourself $50 every time you swear, think badly about a relative or friend, spend time watching social media posts.

When you get to number 35 you will likely feel you finally found the actual way to make it happen. Remember, you only need to commit to the process. A commitment of $697 will get you started.

Step 2: Make your deposit to Animal Chiropractic 101.

Step 3: Decide to pay all up front or in payments.

Step 4: Complete the online work, and attend Lab 1 soon.

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