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Dr O Interviews Dr Michelle Milton-McDonald

Dr. O- Welcome everyone to another episode of Animal Chiropractic Clinic Chatter. I'm your host Dr. O, and today we're here with Dr. Michelle Milton-McDonald. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about


Dr. Milton-McDonald- well I live down by Galveston in Santa Fe, Texas. I am originally from right here in this area, and went to veterinary school at Texas A&M. Then after graduation went into an equine internship followed by a large animal, about 90 equine, practice I trained in acupuncture at the Chi Institute during my internship and came in and started practicing. About five years ago and decided that I was missing a little something. In my lameness workups and that brought me to chiropractic. So I have a wonderful husband and three little girls and so we live here in Santa Fe with our three horses and a whole smothering of other animals; chickens, dogs, cats and right now in the critter cage I think we've got caterpillars. I'm not sure

Dr. O- Alright so, how has animal chiropractic changed your personal life and your practice life? Did you take them together one at a time?