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3 reasons A.C.E.S. does not teach technique on-line

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

We don’t show or teach technique in video, ever.

We caution our students against videos or photos of them in technique poses or set ups.

Here are 3 of the reasons.

  1. If we ever tried to teach animal chiropractic technique to students online in a video, it would be a disservice to them. They would not be able to gain the expertise that our live students gain in class. It would be a waste of their money to have attended an online course to attempt to learn the hands on techniques and think they were at the level of expertise as our in person students. We would not be that deceptive to any doctor or student who is expecting to learn animal chiropractic.

Students who attend a Lab or Advanced module at A.C.E.S. get the individual hands on training to recognize more than just the position of their hands on the animal. They learn how to Pay Attention to the subtleties of illness, wellness, and animal behavior. This attunement makes them expert at deciding the exact adjustments to make, versus making every adjustment possible.

It might be analogous to an artist who can make the right brush stroke to create a masterpiece versus a painter who can paint the outside of your whole house the same color.


  • The animals that person may attempt to perform adjustments on would lose. They would not have the benefit of an accurate, specific adjustment. They would likely be sore the next day. They would also not have received the expert knowledge of when and how often to be adjusted. This would be a disservice to the animal owners and animals in the community in which it occurred.

Doctors who train at A.C.E.S. learn how important speed of the adjustment is in creating the exact motion in the animal. They also learn the importance of speed in protecting their bodies from damage that can happen by repetitive, forceful motion. Safely is number one at A.C.E.S. at all times. There are so many small ways to remain strong, without becoming damaged by the work animal chiropractors do day in and day out.

Some of the longest-time animal chiropractors have some of the most damaged bodies because of how they allowed gravity and a poorly aligned adjustment to act on it. We train doctors for the long haul. We want them to be able to do more than just adjust. They want to be able to play with their children, bike ride, ski, hike, swim, and even sit quietly at the end of the day.

  • And that would put a bad name on animal chiropractic as a whole, which certified animal chiropractors already struggle to reduce. This would put a bad name on the A.C.E.S. brand. Our students are the best of the best. Referral to one of our graduates who has aced the AVCA exam is a treasure we protect. We owe it to our students and graduates to protect the excellence they learn in class. They do amazing things in their practices. We would never do anything to take that away from them or their communities.

Showing how grateful we are at A.C.E.S. for the doctors who have become graduates and are now championing animal chiropractic to their communities will take a lifetime. These doctors inspire us to grow, continue to find more ways to support them in their practices, so that they will have made a permanent impact on their communities. We can’t do that by teaching some people half of the work. We are committed to teaching only excellence, to those who are fully committed to becoming A.C.E.S.

Our committment to animal chiropractic for every animal is a serious relationship. We challenge our graduates as well as our students to continue to be the best of the best. They have a way of impressing us every day.

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