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3 reasons A.C.E.S. does not teach technique on-line

Updated: Feb 4

We don’t show or teach technique in video, ever.

We caution our students against videos or photos of them in technique poses or set ups.

Here are 3 of the reasons.

  1. If we ever tried to teach animal chiropractic technique to students online in a video, it would be a disservice to them. They would not be able to gain the expertise that our live students gain in class. It would be a waste of their money to have attended an online course to attempt to learn the hands on techniques and think they were at the level of expertise as our in person students. We would not be that deceptive to any doctor or student who is expecting to learn animal chiropractic.

Students who attend a Lab or Advanced module at A.C.E.S. get the individual hands on training to recognize more than just the position of their hands on the animal. They learn how to Pay Attention to the subtleties of illness, wellness, and animal behavior. This attunement makes them expert at deciding the exact adjustments to make, versus making every adjustment possible.

It might be analogous to an artist who can make the righ