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Western Pad

Highest quality Western Saddle Pad, cut back and shaped along spine, fully lined with Lambskin.  You’ll be amazed by how it fits over the withers and spine, preventing chafing and rubbing. It will also help your horse maintain consistent skin temperatures during times of duress.

The Chyro-Ryde customization is designed to keep all the weight of the rider and saddle off the muscles of the horse’s scapula.  The adjustable shims redistribute this weight to the ribcage of your horse, which is the anatomical part of the horse designed to carry weight without interfering with motion.


If you understand the importance of keeping your horse as comfortable as possible, you deserve the revelation of riding with a Chyro-Ryde Western Pad. Machine washable; gentle cycle; fluff dry. Measures 29 x 29 inches.


After you order you will receive a short video with instructions on how to measure for shim thickness.

Western Pad

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