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Enjoy VIP access, featuring exclusive Q&A time with Dr. Amy and full replay privileges.


Are you a dedicated doctor who is considering adding animal chiropractic to your practice life?

Congratulations on your journey!

Join our free webinar to prepare for success in your new venture.


Here's what this webinar has to offer:

1. Set Your Vision:

Animal owners in your community are waiting for you to learn animal chiropractic.  Many animals who have been loyal companions for years meet a fate of abandonment or euthanasia because they can no longer move like they used to.  Your ability to adjust is only a part of your practice. Animal Chiropractic 101, the most flexible course that trains the best animal chiropractors in the nation, will set you up to be a great adjuster.

Being a great adjuster also means you don’t have to think about what you do.  When an animal owner reaches out to you with a problem, you really only have one answer.  Adjust.  And that is where honing your vision is important.

2. Earn Your Own Trust:

Identify your core values and mission to become a trusted leader in your community.  When you learn the successful repeatable protocols in Animal Chiropractic 101, your clients learn to trust you, and you begin to see your own value.

3. Create Accountability:  

The chiropractic adjustment provides animal owners with value above and beyond what you see. Learn how this ripple effect multiplies, allowing you to understand how to create a practice of wealth.

Become a VIP attendee and get exclusive bonus materials along with the replay for just $27.00. 

Extra Q and A sessions to answer your particular questions.

Bonus information on how to fast track your animal chiropractic training.

Reserve your spot today!

What You'll Gain:
- Expert Insights:

Clarity in how Animal chiropractic 101 can help you create an animal chiropractic practice that can help thousands of patients.

- Go from being uncertain you can afford to grow to knowing you have what it takes.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience!


May 15, 2024  

June 19, 2024 

July 24, 2024

August 14, 2024


10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. CST


90 minutes

Reserve Your Spot Today.


Invest in your practice's success today and embark on a journey of vision, leadership, and financial stability. We can't wait to see you at Animal Chiropractic Education Source’s Free Intro to Animal Chiropractic webinar.

VIP Intro to Animal Chiropractic

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