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Comes with a set of 120 slides.  These are an excellent way to get started with social media marketing. Each collection comes with a PowerPoint slide show, a Digital Media Video, and the individual posters in a JPEG Image collection. This set is compatible with all forms of multimedia and is useful for patient reception rooms, websites, blogs, newsletters, community health events, lectures, social media pages and so much more. A complete marketing implementation guide is included with each order.   Available as Canine or Equine.  If you would like both contact us for a coupon code to get 50% off the second set.


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Animal $ 250.00
Canine $ 134.00
Equine $ 134.00
+ $14 S&H

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    Animal Chiropractic Education Source


    10771 Highway 6

    Meridian, TX 76665




    (843) 900-1502

    Animal Chiropractic Education Source is an equal opportunity educational school. Students are accepted based on their previous level of education alone and not based on race, religion, sex, or diagnosed handicaps. 

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