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Neurology of Pain

This course explores pain in our animal patients. It examines the CNS control of pain and how as Animal Chiropractors we can assist in alleviating our patients’ pain when appropriate.


Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 2.0 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: DC or DVM

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 1

Language: English

Neurology of Pain

  • Neurology of Pain  – This course explores the actual with the perceived levels of pain in our animal patients. What we assign as pain may not be exactly pain in our animal patients and may in fact be other behavior activities unrelated to pain. We will look at the neurologic origins of pain and the means by which we can measure pain in our animal patients. At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to identify means by which to judge pain levels in their animal patients and plan an order in which to address those levels of pain.

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