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Align Your Practice!


The sampler package for animal chiropractors.

Trying to attract animal chiropractic clients?  Not comfortable with selling?  In this package you will find videos to educate other doctors, videos to empower potential clients, and messages to align your clients to your mission.  When you use these templates to begin the discussion, you will be able to talk to everyone you meet.  There is no selling, when you use “Show Me Chiropractic” techniques. 


ACT Video

Produced by Animal Care Technologies in 2007, this 20-minute video is an excellent way to introduce animal chiropractic care to other professionals (chiropractors, veterinarians, etc.).   Sponsor a showing at the local veterinary hospital during the lunch you provided to help the staff understand animal chiropractic.  Personalization is available by contacting our office.


Barn and Kennel Fliers

When printed and laminated, these Barn and Kennel Fliers placed on the bulletin board of any facility are durable reminders to let people know you will be back.  Through self-education other owners at the facility can learn how to tell if their animal needs to see a chiropractor.  Personalization is available by contacting the office.


Bringing Out the Best Booklets

The industry standard for describing animal chiropractic and used by the AVCA, these PDF booklets can be emailed to potential clients.


   Printed copies are available by contacting A.C.E.S.  New clients can take them home to remind them of the benefits of chiropractic care.  Place your logo and contact information on the back cover.  One idea for distribution is to place them wherever people sit to wait for services to be done (Hair, Oil Change, Auto repair).


Canine “Show Me Chiropractic” Video

   A photo is worth a thousand words and a video is priceless.  This video offers examples of the power of the chiropractic adjustment by showing the before and after of the animal.

   Demonstrating the effects of the chiropractic adjustment is far more powerful than the details of the science and art that go into the setup or adjustment itself.  You are trained to know when and where to adjust, the details of which are lost on clients. Let people learn the wonder, not the technique from you.  Using this format, create some of your own everyday miracles of chiropractic for use in your online advertising.

   Also included is the importance of nail trimming video.  Other examples of canine videos can be found by clicking  Our Video Link.


Equine “Show Me Chiropractic” Video

Need a celebrity to help you educate clients? The first group of videos, from video played on RFD TV in 2006, are examples of how to exhibit the benefits of Animal Chiropractic without showing the adjustment.  The second video is a segment from the television show “Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health” where Dr. Amy discusses how come every animal needs a chiropractic adjustment.  Other segments from the show can be found by clicking  Our Video Link


Lay Powerpoint Presentations

This presentation is perfect when you have a group who wishes to learn more about animal chiropractic and what it can do for their animals. Because developing your own presentation can be daunting, this ready to go presentation is here for you.  It is available in formats for specific horse or dog groups, or as a more generic ‘animal’ presentation.  Don’t fear offering to speak before groups of potential customers ever again.  When you give these talks, they can be finished in as little as 20 minutes or can easily last up to an hour if you include stories from your practice and allow questions from the audience.  The dog and horse versions are available as a continuous loop that includes music, perfect for using at a booth setting.  The continuous loop versions are available by contacting the A.C.E.S. office.


Nerve Charts

These familiar looking PDF’s are similar to the Nerve Function charts seen in most human chiropractic offices.  Accurate for the species illustrated and educational for clients to understand how the adjustment affects the rest of the animal’s body.  Print them as hand-outs or display in your waiting room.  Poster-size glossy copies of these are available by contacting A.C.E.S.


Questions of the Day

Interaction from clients is crucial to retaining them.  These JPEG’s work well as social media memes.  Schedule the question in the morning and let people guess the answer in the comments.  Post the answer at the end of the day.  All correct answers can then be entered in a drawing at the end of the week by providing their contact information.  Use these as an interactive part of an exhibit hall booth or waiting room activity.  This kit includes 25 questions to get you started.  Write more of your own or purchase the collection of 120 questions that are available by contacting A.C.E.S.


Quote of the Day

Bringing some education along with professional photographs to the understanding of animal chiropractic. These JPEGS can be used as social media memes, put in a digital picture frame and they will rotate through educating people who see them.  You can also print them and use them as posters.  This kit includes 25 quotes to get you started.  Purchase the entire collection available at A.C.E.S.


Rehab Charts

Client compliance is important to assist patients in healing.  These muscle rehab charts help clients remember which exercises their animal needs to do.  Emailed to clients to as a daily reminder to do their homework or print these so that they can be hung on bulletin boards in the barn or kennel.  Professional poster-sized copies are available by contacting A.C.E.S.

Animal Chiropractic Marketing Kit

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