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Equine Spine

The Equine Spine Model makes an excellent display in any equine veterinary office.  It is the same size as that of an average quarter horse, so it takes up a bit of room.  Because it is not real bone, it will last for a very long time. The Equine Spine model is durable and yet light enough to carry if you intended to take it from farm to farm, or wanted to move it around while studying it.


The best way to use your Equine Spine Model is to examine the joints and discover how the move in relationship to gravity.  Since gravity is the constant source of stimulation to the entire animal, how the spine moves relative to it is important for normal animal health.


We made this Equine Spine Model from ABS plastic so it is easily cleaned yet has all the detail you would find in the real spine that was scanned to make this one.  Each bone was scanned separately to produce an identical copy. This means that this spine articulates exactly like real horse. As a matter of fact, it articulates exactly like the horse from which the spine came, which may not be the same as another horse because every horse is slightly different.


However, while not every horse is exactly the same, all horses are similar in how they move and how their spines articulate.  Enough so that this spine makes an excellent tool for learning about the equine spine. Yet it has enough unique characteristics to recognize that it belongs to a specific horse.


Skeletal Models – Durable. Lightweight. Easy to Clean.

All of our skeletal models are detailed replicas of actual skeletons. Their imperfections are identical to the skeleton they came from and the joints all work. The replicas are made of ABS plastic and the parts do bounce and can withstand some wear and tear. However, pieces may break. You may order a replacement for any part of your model. They are easy to put in place and return your model to functional use. Just contact us if you have a problem.



For the care and maintenance of your new canine and equine spine the instructions are as follows.

Cleaning: They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water as needed. Using a soft brush may help remove dust and dirt from the naturally occurring folds and bumps.


Repair: Should any of your pieces chip or break, repair is simple. It will require several Q-tip applicators and a bottle of pure acetone (finger nail polish remover is the same thing). Do not spill the acetone on family heirlooms, the floor or get it on your fingers as they will wrinkle (more).


Dip the Q-tip into the acetone and then swab both the broken part edge and the edge where the part goes on the spine. Do this several times, then align the two pieces and hold them firmly together, blowing on them until the plastic dries. The acetone will have melted the plastic sufficiently to bond the two pieces together.


If the piece is broken beyond repair, you may call us at 843-900-1502 to order a replacement piece. The pieces are easily removed by undoing the end piece of the cord, sliding the pieces off and then replacing the broken piece with a new segment. Different pieces of the spine run different prices so call for a price.


Enjoy learning and teaching the world about the importance of spinal alignment.

Equine Spine

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