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Equine Nutritional Myth Book

The Equine Nutritional Myth Book is a full color collection of essays addressing some common myths held regarding horse food.  Many of these myths have only been around for the last 30 years, since the revolution of horse food and designer horse feeds.   Horse owners and breeders have searched and searched for answers to some of the most important questions regarding horse nutrition, only to be met with these myths.  Despite some very knowledgeable parties forming committees to create horse feeds, these myths persist and are often used by feed producers to engage purchases from horse owners. 

In order to address all the myths of equine nutrition, it would take a course.  But this introduction to some of the most common myths helps horse owners begin their journey toward more health and wellness for their best friends.  The essays cover vitamin interaction and the need for less supplementation when the quality of the food nutrients are addressed first, why protein types seem to matter, or not, what causes obesity and how nutrition is often at the seat of many horse illness or disease processes.

Written by veterinarians who have over 40 years of experience and education in equine health and nutrition, this booklet examines some of the issues that even veterinarians have been taught but seem suspect based upon other elements of science. Here the doctors address the works of the digestive system on the overall health of the horse. Without the correct building blocks no horse can be fully healthy; even though it may appear to be a horse it cannot reach it true potential without all the right ingredients.  

Hippocrates is quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine will be thy food.”  In a horse’s world, food and love can be all they need.

This booklet makes a great addition to any waiting room literature, and often acts as a conversation starter for patients.  It is a great way to help your clients begin thinking about true health and nutrition responsibility they carry for their horses.  It may also open up the conversation for other health issues that can begin as nutritional deficits, and that can be resolved with better nutrition.

This booklet can be purchased in bulk quantities as a means of helping clients gain and retain the information needed to continue to feed better.  It makes a great addition to a ‘new foal’ packet when breeders send the horse to its new home, and it makes a nice hand out for new patients when they come for the first time.  Call for pricing on bulk orders.

Equine Nutritional Myth Book

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