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Client Education Brochures: Equine

Quanity: 10 Sets of 10


Subluxations can result in distorted communications between the brain and the body. It can cause all kinds of health problems, not just sore backs and necks. Performance is not only affected by muscle movement, it will be improved with more efficient digestion, heart function and other aspects of life that are controlled by the nervous system.


Share this valuable information with your clients to help them understand how their Equine friends can benefit from Animal Chiropractic with the Client Education Brochures for Horse Owners. 


It comes in a set of 10 which includes information on:


  • Subluxations
  • Equine First Visit
  • Equine Breeding
  • Athletic Horse
  • Equine New Additions
  • Equine Asymmetry
  • Horse Pain Relief
  • Senior Horse
  • Horse Adjustments
  • Equine Neck Pain

Client Education Brochures: Equine

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