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Client Education Brochures: Canine

Quanity: 10 Sets of 10


Isn't lack of motion part of the normal aging process? No. Many motion issues are the result of years of neglect. Spinal problems can be non-symptomatic right up until an advanced stage of degeneration.


Educate your clients on how Animal Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper motion and position of malfunctioning spinal bones that keeps their dogs’ adorable tails wagging with the Client Education Brochures for Dog Owners. 


It comes in a set of 10 which includes information on:


  • Subluxation Canine
  • Canine First Visit
  • Canine Breeding
  • Athletic Dogs
  • Canine Asymmetry
  • Canine Pain Relief
  • Senior Dog Brochure
  • Canine Adjustment
  • Canine Neck Pain
  • New Additions

Client Education Brochures: Canine

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