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Chiropractic and the COPD Horse

Known by different names throughout the years, heaving horses can be a real problem for the equine practitioner.  Dr. Amy Hayek looks at how chiropractic care can help these animals cope better with their environment. 


Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 2 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 1

Language: English

Chiropractic and the COPD Horse

  • COPD in The Horse is an emotional response to stress and chiropractic can help horses affected by it.  Dr. Amy Hayek will review the nature of the “dis-ease” of COPD in the equine from a chiropractic viewpoint.  She will explain the link between the chiropractic adjustment and changes to the symptoms of COPD.  This lecture will include information regarding the reason for COPD distress and means of management from a chiropractic perspective.  After listening to this lecture the doctor will review history in COPD cases with a new understanding of the etiology.  They will be able to offer additional treatment methodology that is within the scope of practice for the Animal Chiropractor.  This lecture was previously given at the 2016 AVCA Convention.

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