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The health of the whole is dependent on the health of all of its parts.  The cell is the major building block of all living beings.  If the cell is not healthy than disease will follow.  Dr. Amy Hayek looks at many different influences on cellular health and ways that this can be improved in our animals.\


Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 15 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 10

Quizzes: 10

Language: English

Cellular Healing

  • Cellular Healing 1 through 4A looks at the cell. What keeps them healthy, how toxins affect them, what is required for proper cellular nutrition, how they vibrate, and how sick cells contribute to the overall dis-ease of the body. There is only one disease, cellular dysfunction. Medicine puts a lot of different names on diseases, but the result is the same. Finding the cause of this disease through the components of the internal and external environment are the first part toward the solution. It is impossible to effectively and completely return an animal to true health without the correct internal chemical components. These components are provided by the nutrients taken in through the digestive system. This course teaches both the signs of deficiency and disease, and the means for recognizing the effects of the external environment and the internal environment. This will allow the student to see where the patient is missing the necessary components for life and to begin to treat the true cause of the disease. Introduction to how the modalities of homeopathy, cold laser and alpha stim aid the body heal at a cellular level will be included. Dr. Amy Hayek is the instructor for this series of classes.  Gravity is a lecture where Dr. Amy Hayek looks at how the physics of gravity affects the animals that we work on.   Sunlight covers how the seasons and changes of the season effect the body of the animal we are examining.  While the previous lectures looked at internal environment and how it effects cellular health and the ability of the patient to receive and hold the adjustment, Gravity and Sunlight look at how external environment and influences act on the host to affect the health of the cell.  Low Level Laser Therapy examines how the use of cold lasers may help improve the results seen with chiropractic care.  Dr. Ormston examines the science of laser therapy and its application to the chiropractic patient, especially to the effects on the CNS and subluxated motor unit.  Intro to Homeopathy explains the vibrational therapy of homeopathy.  This course allows the practitioner to understand how homeopathy is affecting the adjustment if a patient comes to them while take a homeopathic remedy.

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