Case Studies: 

Dr. Ormston uses actual case studies to discuss the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic and how it pertains to the pathological conditions seen in animals.


Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 6 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: DC or DVM

Lectures: 5

Quizzes: 5

Language: English

Case Studies

  • Case Studies:

    Case Studies lectures are a series of lectures that are designed to allow the student to appreciate animal chiropractic in a real live practice.  Each case study lecture is oriented around the anatomical portion of the animal that is being discussed during each session.  Thus, case studies will be explored that examine pathology in the sacropelvic region during the first lecture session, the cranial and cervical regions during the second lecture session, etc.  Cases are real actual patients, with real outcomes.  Not all these cases had completely successful outcomes.  Any real practice occasionally has failures, both of treatment and in communication.  These are excellent learning opportunities for doctors, and students.  The student will be able to understand how cases for different anatomical regions may present and will gain confidence in knowing that not every case is perfect, but that she or he will be prepared to address the patients that arrive at his or her door.