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Base Camp Pro (REPLAY) 2021


This is a replay of 2021 Base Camp where we bring A.C.E.S. from other industries in to help Animal Chiropractors build the practice of their dreams.


Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 16 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: All Levels

Lectures: 11

Quizzes: 1

Base Camp Pro REPLAY (2021)

  • Beyond the Symptoms with Cotey Jordan, DC explores the very nature of our health crisis. This lecture will be aid to guide us on a journey toward a life of quality and purpose and allows us to discover how to take personal responsibility of our greatest asset - our health. Cotey will inspire you to take your health into your own hands, empower you with the wisdom to change your lifestyle, and ultimately lead you to the healthy, amazing life you’ve always dreamed possible.

    Why We Must Say No to Say Yes with Dr. Paul Brumett will examine the necessity of boundaries in our professional life.  He will challenge us to understand how time for the Doctor in the House will allow us to be better clinicians for our patients.        

    The Importance of Specificity with Dr. Pam Jarboe looks at how staying focused and on task can be a challenge. Especially if you are surrounded by “muggles” that don’t share your passion and commitment.  This lecture will help you get on track to make the money you, your family and your business needs. Remember what you want from your life and why you went into business. Receive the tools you need to hold onto that vision and stay out of the overwhelm, confusion, comparison despair, and frustration that we are so susceptible to as entrepreneurs and healers.

    Market Domination, a Masterclass with Tony Seymour will look at how when a clinic dominates the local market, it gives freedom to the doctors.         

    Creating A Business Built to Last with Dr. Erin O'Conner will take a look at how she turned her first “NO” referral into a list of over 250 veterinary clinics that willingly refer patients for animal chiropractic.  She will discuss how the implementation of basic business principles works in any business, including Animal Chiropractic.   

    The Principles of Chiropractic Applied to Life with Dr Mathew Mix will be an introduction to the core tenants of chiropractic philosophy. Participants will learn the history of how the philosophy was formed, shaped, and expanded. A brief discussion on the application of philosophy in practice as a way to serve more, with purpose, conviction and intent.

    Visualizing the Unseen In Musculoskeletal Diagnostics with Dr. Robert Gillette will examine how important it is to use all of ones senses when examining an animal for musculoskeletal issues.   

    The winner of the student speaking scholarship Calvin Saunders will discuss How Learning Animal Chiropractic Helped Me Master The Art of Chiropractic.   He will share how adjusting animals has helped connect the dots in his schooling in human chiropractic and energized his desire to adjust. 

    The Principles of Time Management with Dr. Shannon McMurty will be an in depth discussion on goals, goal setting, goal accomplishment, and time management tailored specifically towards doctors in private practice. Additionally, participants will touch on why so many find these topics difficult to establish and even harder to remain on track when challenges arise. 

    Have the Practice of Your Dreams by Dr. Liam Schubel will look at how you can have a dream practice that helps your purpose as opposed to a “nightmare” practice that you serve.                 

    How to Ask with Dr Amy Hayek will define why the importance of asking for the sale is a service to your clients.  She will show how the asking will make the client feel valuable and result in internal referrals.   

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