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Base Camp Package:

Attend for NO CE hours at the low price of $227.00


Don’t need anymore CE this year? 

Attend Base Camp Pro 2024 for other reasons, at a very reasonable price!

Buy your tickets today. Take advantage of this Early Bird Special.


Attend for NO CE hours at the low price of $227.00

Get the NO FRILLS package to get all the education without the extras.

Get the Confidence, Community and Income plan you need.


Many doctors are excited about growing their practices, and getting new clients and patients.  Along with practice ownership come a lot of things those doctors didn’t consider the day they make the choice to become an owner.  Some of those parts of ownership can pop up as a surprise to both the doctor and the practice.


Want to know how to prepare for those surprise issues like, 

  • hiring employees, 

  • firing employees, and 

  • passing your practice on to the next generation?


Being stressed when surprises arise can cost you time and money. 


You are invited to attend Base Camp Pro 2024 to create your plan. 


Upgrade to the Base Camp VIP package to obtain 27 hours of CE credit for the course, Q and A with the speakers and more.

Upgrade is available until Saturday September 10, 2024

Base Camp Package

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