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This course looks at the autonomic nervous system in depth and helps the animal chiropractor understand why our patients act the way they do.


Certificate: AVCA & IVCA

Duration: 2.0 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: DC or DVM

Lectures: 1

Quizzes: 1

Language: English

Applied Functional Neurology: The Saga

  • Applied Animal Chiropractic: The Saga

    Applied Animal Chiropractic: The Saga is a course in which we explore the autonomic system in depth.  Through it we help the student view the nervous system not as two or three entities that give one another a call every now and then, but as a integrated system of checks and balances.  Importantly, the levels of stimulation vary in our animal patients dependent upon not just their environments but how their environment impacts them as an individual within their breed and species.  When students finish this course they will be able to identify both the physical aspects of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the balances and the imbalances of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and be equipped to address these in a meaningful way to help bring their patients back into better balance.  Dr. Amy Hayek is the instructor.

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