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What is Animal Chiropractic?

Hello and welcome to Animal Chiropractic Clinic Chatter, a podcast where Dr. O from All Creatures Every Spine interviews doctors and animal owners that utilize animal chiropractic to get their unique perspectives. Yes it's really a thing, Dr. O utilizes his 30 years of experience as both an animal chiropractor and veterinarian and to dig deep into the discussion of complex issues, affecting the lives of your animal friends and companions

join us for this educational episode.

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Thanks for joining us for this portion of the episode as Dr O begins to answer the question “What is Animal Chiropractic?” He will look at how the chiropractic adjustment is a valuable and viable treatment for what ails your animals.

Dr. O- What is animal chiropractic, it's probably a lot easier to tell you what it is it isn't a treatment for. Anything. All animal chiropractic does is remove inter-vertebral subluxations which cause interference in the nervous system. An animal chiropractor is an expert trained

at the identification and removal of these subluxations. These interference, these bumps in the highway, these bumps in communication that result in altered communication between altered signals, between the toe and the brain, between the brain and the gut, between the brain and the heart, between the brain and every organ that interacts with each other. And all these organs interact in a positive way or in a negative way because we know that you know, if our heart beats faster then our guts don't work as well, and if we need to digest a bunch of food, then you know our heart can't beat as fast. So there's a lot of times where you can't do things, you can't do two things at the same time. Walking and chewing gum sometimes it's pretty easy but you know if you're walking and chewing gum and trying to have a heart attack or different things are happening in your body sometimes that might be tough. So chiropractic helps communicate, helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body. It helps ease out the ridges and the roads so that travel is easy for all these cellular communications that determine whether your animal is healthy or not. What is health because just because your animal is not having a problem today doesn't mean that they're 100% healthy. I had a problem talking to a lady today and her dog was lame and she went to the vet, first they did a CT scan and they found a small osteosarcoma. They treated the small osteosarcoma, it seems to have resolved but the dog is still not walking on the leg. It was recommended to amputate it and they went ahead and did a chiropractic exam and adjustment on the lower neck, and now the dog is walking. So the first pain probably saved the dog's life,long term, because they found the small osteosarcoma that was able to be treated, however just removing the osteosarcoma wasn't the problem, that wasn't what caused the lameness. The lameness is due to a lack of proper nerve flow from the neck due to the restriction at the vertebral subluxation. It was causing some pain, there was some issue there and there was some guarding that was causing problems. With innervation in the long bones of the leg which probably led to the osteosarcoma, so you know there again What is Chiropractic? Do we treat osteosarcoma, no, do we remove nervous system interference yes. Is that leg going to heal better now? You bet! Is it going to heal better sometimes with cancer, we need to use a lot of different things, a lot of different treatment modalities and in this case it was good. We're looking at another dog that they recommended amputating the leg on because he wasn't using it. We removed the interference from the body and now the dog is starting to use the leg again. Now we're having some trouble because there's severe atrophy, because we waited six months to look for alternative therapy.

So animal chiropractic the removal of vertebral subluxations from the body to allow your animal's nervous system to work at 100 percent, because when your pet, your dog, your horse,or your cow was four cells and then eight and then sixteen, the first thing that formed was the neural groove that became the nervous system and it controlled all functions in the body. The next thing that formed was the gut and that's right ranks right up there. There's more cellular bacteria in your gut than you have cells in your body, so keep your gut healthy, keep your brain healthy, and the body heals from above, down inside out. Diet is everything!

There we go have a great day and keep your outlook suggested talk to you later make sure to visit our website

And as Paul Harvey used to say “Now you know…the rest of the story Have a Good day.”

Dr. O-

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If you're in the Meridian Texas area, drop in on a Tuesday afternoon to get your animals adjusted. If that isn't possible schedule a consultation on your animal's health with Dr. O

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Join us as Dr. O interviews a certified chiropractor veterinarian or an animal owner these enthusiastic people explain how they utilize animal chiropractic to alter the lives of the animals in their communities.

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