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How to resolve the subluxated life

I’m Dr Ashley Page with Creekside

Veterinary Clinic. I'm a veterinarian in

South Central Kentucky and in Northern Tennessee.

I started a very traditional veterinary

medicinemy practice about a year and a

half ago both large and small animals.

There is a high volume of equine patients as well as cattle

clients, with small animal patients from the rural community.

For several years I’ve wanted to add Chiropractic to my

practice, and about six

weeks ago I took the plunge and started

the classes online with A.C.E.S.

I actually attended my first

Lab at the beginning of August, just

three weeks after starting.

It's really changed my Mindset.

My overall health, happiness and sanity have improved.

It shows up in the numbers for my practice.

We've seen just in three

weeks an 8% growth

in revenue just from Chiropractic alone.

Seeing the relief on patients’ body language as well as how happy it

makes clients to see the the change in

their pets so quickly and without having

to do traditional medicine or

surgery is a huge improvement to my overall satisfaction at work.

I'm getting ready to do my first spinal check day this

Saturday with an Amish community in my

area and the reception to this has been


I've seen a lot of great results for my patients in that


This is one of the best

decisions I've made for myself


Thank you so much A.C.E.S.

for empowering me.

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