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How much does an animal chiropractor make?

Dear animal chiropractic enthusiasts, horse owners, trainers, health professionals, veterinarians, and chiropractors alike, today's blog is a call to action. We're addressing a recurring question that often lingers in the minds of doctors contemplating the addition of animal chiropractic to their practice. The hesitation, the fear of taking that next small step. It all boils down to one key question: How much can an animal chiropractor make?


The Growth of Animal Chiropractic:

Two decades ago, when I began my chiropractic practice, the landscape of animal chiropractic was vastly different. In South Carolina, there were merely two of us practicing this specialized form of care. The demand for our services often meant traveling long distances, sometimes up to six hours, to reach clients in distant cities. Fast forward to today, animal chiropractic is on the rise, and the demand has only intensified.


Market Saturation Concerns:

The lingering fear among practitioners contemplating this niche is the potential for market saturation. What if another animal chiropractor opens a practice nearby? Will it flood the market, leaving practitioners with a scarcity of patients and clients? This concern is met with a sigh because, in reality, having multiple practitioners in a given area is not a threat.


Drawing Parallels with McDonald's:

Consider this analogy: Does McDonald's worry about the presence of another McDonald's in town? The answer is a resounding no. The focus is not just on hamburgers; it's about real estate. Similarly, in the realm of animal chiropractic, having fellow practitioners nearby is not a hindrance but an opportunity for growth.

Even in Spartanburg, SC Krispy Kreme donuts is not afraid to be exactly across the street from another Krispy Kreme donut shop.


Client Loyalty and Value:

Clients seeking animal chiropractic care are those who have experienced positive results. They value their health and recognize the transformative impact of consistent chiropractic adjustments. The key is to communicate this value effectively, helping clients understand the ongoing benefits of routine care.


Financial Success in Animal Chiropractic:

Now, let's address the burning question: How much can an animal chiropractor make? Graduates from reputable animal chiropractic training programs have not only built successful practices but have achieved financial milestones, with some reaching seven and even eight figures. Many embark on this journey and start seeing substantial results even before completing their training.


Creating Million-Dollar Practices:

Our graduates have demonstrated the potential to create million-dollar animal chiropractic practices. This success is not synonymous with overworking; in fact, some achieve this milestone by working just two days a week. The realization that animal chiropractic can surpass their current income often leads practitioners to start their own businesses and redefine their career paths.



If you're a veterinarian or chiropractor with aspirations of creating a seven-figure business in animal chiropractic, the time is now. Animal Chiropractic Education is here to guide you on this rewarding journey. Visit us at and take that next small step toward unlocking the vast potential of animal chiropractic.

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