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Animal Chiropractic Brings Better Products to Your Kitchen Table

The number of large animal veterinarians has declined. There are not enough

large animal veterinarians to serve the producers in this country. As food

producers move animals to more confinement to make treating them more

"effiicient", the animals become less healthy. Our food sources are in danger.

Veterinary students shy away from large animal work because the hours are

grueling, the practice models don't factor in emergencies that result in lost

time, money and sense of accomplishment. Veterinary students have student debt

that cannot be met by the salaries available to them as large animal doctors.

Animal chiropractors are trained to see their patients when they are well. The goal of animal chiropractic is to help animals remain well and produce better.

In studies chickens, pigs, dairy cattle and beef cattle that get chiropractic treatments

regularly save producers money and time.

Production animals are generally less well handled than those raised as pets or for competitions. While prize cattle raised for showing can be valuable for producers, the cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens that are used for producing products for consumers often don’t get the same care. These animals are seldom handled by humans and can become more stressed when taken out of their routine, causing them to produce less milk, meat, or eggs.

Chiropractic care is becoming more common for show animals, as it makes them better competitors. However, we are finding that production animals, those raised for food, become less expensive to raise and easier to care for when they receive routine chiropractic care.

“I unloaded the cow at the processing plant and she calmly walked off the trailer and down the alleyway, like it was just another day,” reported Dr. Matt Salim of Archer, TX after delivering a custom cull cow to Hartness Cattle Company. Though the cow was removed from the herd she was calm as could be, noted the owner at Hartness. Dr. Salim is a doctor of chiropractic who is certified in animal chiropractic and food animal chiropractic.

Animal chiropractors who attend the Food Animal Adjusting Weekend for continuing education learn to become efficient production animal adjusters.

1) Take the Animal Chiropractic 101 course or an equivalent course

2) Register for Food Animal Adjusting Weekend and attend in 2022

3) Join us on the Food Animal Mission Trip in 2023 to assist large and small

food animal producers in attaining better savings while producing healthier


In 2021 animal owners spent 32.2 billion dollars on care for their animals.

Of all the veterinary schools in the country, less than 1 % of the graduating

veterinarians were specifically trained in food animal production medicine. As

our country grows, the demand for food products increases. Yet the food

producers are left to medicate and treat their animals on their own, with

minimal training.