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3 ways you can help your clients understand the importance of chiropractic

Most animal clients have a vague understanding of how animal chiropractic has value for their animals.

Many see it as a must do in a kind of lucky charm kind of way before an athletic event.

And to be honest, that is not a bad way to consider maintaining an animal chiropractic relationship. At least those owners are dedicated to getting the adjustment.

At least they are dedicated until they perceive they don't have the money anymore.

And that is where what they know and what they don't know sets them up for failure.

The chiropractic adjustment creates harmony within the animal. You might think of it like a symphony. If you have ever listened to a group of musicians play without a leader of the band, you might notice that they don't play in sync. They are focused on their own part of the song, and are not listening to the other players.

This is what the body is like without chiropractic. It can still do many of the things it does, but it likely won't be in harmony. This happens every time there is a disruption within the nervous system.

The first thing an animal chiropractor can do to help their clients understand the importance of chiropractic is to offer that clients a personal analogy to describe who animal chiropractic affects the animal.

For a client who has never heard a grade school band or high school band try to play a musical piece, they might not be able to appreciate the need for musicians to have a leader who can guide them to the art of music. They might think that all symphonies sound the same.

This analogy would not work for them.

Having an analogy they can see, imagine, hear, taste or recall helps the client to understand the importance and value of chiropractic for their animals.

Showing a client how the animal is compensating for the disharmony in its body is another way to help them understand how they can recognize when an adjustment will best help their animal.

When a client recognizes that a behavior issue or a asymmetrical issue is the symptom of a nervous system problem, then they can also see the resulting solution after the adjustment.

Rewarding clients for routine care is another way to instill value in the chiropractic adjustment.

This reward may come in the form of being a regular client who gets to participate in an event you provide, like a talk or a value added day when another valuable service is added to the adjustment such as a free exam (not a free adjustment).

This reward may be in offering special pay ahead pricing so they can maintain their regular treatments.

This reward may result in a prize won among other clients.

Maybe that prize is time spent with you, listening to you educate new clients?

These three ways to help clients grasp the value of your education, and the value of the chiropractic adjustment help more animal patients to find you.

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