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Animal Chiropractic School

Professional Speaker

Animal Chiropractor & 
Professional Wellness Speaker

Animal Chiropractic School

"There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. Americans have never been as sick, diseased, or symptomatic as we are today. There are endless people who are suffering, who have been through the Chronic disease in animals is becoming commonplace.  Usual and customary is constantly changing.  When President James Garfield was shot, the bullets could not be found. Edison’s x-ray was available but was not usual and customary.  Garfield died because seven surgeons damaged his liver, when the radiograph would have shown there was no need for surgery.  When I graduated from vet school, glucosamine was not usual and customary in animals.  Students are now taught the physiology and pharmacology of glucosamine in their middle years of training.  Our practice uses the chiropractic adjustment as the cornerstone of diagnostic and prognostic indicators in animals.  It is not usual or customary, but it first causes no harm.  Let me show your group how."
~ Dr. Amy Hayek


  • Animal Health

  • Animal Movement 

  • Increasing Athletic Performance 

  • Increasing Growth Rates

  • Decrease Stress / Cortisol in Animals

  • Wellness Environment: Do's & Don'ts


*NOTE:  Dr. Hayek works from a Servant Leadership Model and is happy to adjust her presentation to address your specific needs.

Animal Chiropractic School

Expected Outcomes

  • Dr. Amy Hayek has spent the last 20 years helping clinicians and owners learn to expect positive outcomes, not just hope for them.  This leads to a positive working environment in any profession utilizing animals.  A positive working environment translates into better results.

  • Research has shown that animal well-being – the whole physical, mental and emotional wellness, has a direct effect on the teams overall performance. 

Presentation Takeaways

  • How to help you and your animals overcome stress with health, wellness and productivity.

  • How to help you and your animals live a more vibrant life!

  • How to determine when you and your animal’s neurological health may be challenged.

  • How to practice more ergonomically correct

  • How to develop strategy’s for peak performance – athletic or rate of gain.

  • How to treat your animals in a more holistic environmentally friendly manner congruent with your beliefs and values

Presentation Takeaways





Professional Speaking Experience

2019        Albuquerque, NM     American Veterinary Chiropractic Association Annual Meeting

2020        Columbus OH           Midwest Veterinary Conference

Dr. Hayek's Story

Dr. Amy Hayek and Dr. Bill Ormston are both veterinarians that practice a unique style of medicine. Alternative therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, and good nutrition are the foundations of this practice. They add homeopathy, ozone and herbs to compliment this base.

Dr. Amy Hayek graduated with a BS in English and a MA in Technical Writing from Iowa State University, and a DVM from Colorado State University.  She has Veterinary Acupuncture certification from the Chi Institute and Animal Chiropractic certification from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  She completed Advanced Functional Neurology from the Healing Oasis Wellness Center, Wisconsin.

Dr. Amy worked for the USDA Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health where she studied disease as it moved through animal populations.  She has been active in private veterinary practice since 1998. In 2007 she started working with Vita Royal Products and biochemist Linsey McLean.  Dr. Amy spoke on behalf of Vita Royal Equine products in the Southeastern and Western United States.  She continues to help equine clients worldwide navigate their horse’s health using these products.  She began feeding BARF to her 4 dogs in 2009.  

Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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