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Animal Rehabilitation 

This lecture covers some basic take home that Animal Chiropractors can give their clients to aid in the recovery and health of their animals.


Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 4 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: DC or DVM

Lectures: 3

Quizzes: 3

Language: English

Rehabilitation for the Animal Chiropractor

  • Animal Rehabilitation 

    Animal Rehabilitation covers ways to help an animal get optimal healing from the chiropractic adjustment. Just as treating a human for a sore throat is no help when they go back to breathing smoke all day, animals need help regaining their health outside of the office visit. This course will aid the student in recognizing when to address these needs and how to engage animal owners in participating in the health of their animals. It covers territory on how to return injured and ill animals to their normal level of activity with the goal in mind to optimize their performance. In this course, students learn increasing levels of physical care that can aid their patients in returning to functional lives. Animal Rehabilitation III is a course that further develops the idea of using therapy to bring animal patients back to normal. In this lecture, Dr. Ormston introduces several techniques that require more equipment and that often appeal to animal owners who are interested in regaining athletic function for their animals. At the end of this lecture students will have been oriented to many of the more high-tech options for aiding animals in making the most out of their chiropractic adjustment and regaining health. Students who complete this course will have an organized understanding of different levels of rehabilitation they can use to bring their patients along.

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