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We all have clients who have unsolvable issues.  There is no way we could ever come up with a solution that they haven’t tried or that they are sure will fail.


Usually that is because they are trying to solve the wrong problem.  But they don’t know that and we can’t explain that in long terms.


As an animal chiropractor it is your job to solve your customer’s problem by showing them the problem and then showing them that you have a solution.


Their problem is not a peeing dog. Their problem is the lack of nerve impulse to the hind end.  But they have no idea what nerves are and can’t even imagine how they are decreased.  That is all a mystery.


What they can envision is a problem like one they encounter every day in their lives.  What is their job?  What is their favorite sport?  These are things they can envision, and problems for which they understand some of the solutions -- that can be likened to the chiropractic adjustment.


When: July 26th -28th,  2024

Where: A.C.E.S. Ranch, Meridian, TX

CE Available:  22 Hours of AVCA

Who: Open to All AVCA and IVCA animal chiropractors

Inspiring Client Compliance

  • Certificate: 22 hours of AVCA

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