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Gait Analysis 201E

Gait Analysis is an important tool to aid in talking to clients about animals. The more you learn about chiropractic and quadruped movement the more you will understand that anything can cause anything. With quadrupeds, more than one thing can cause the same gait issue. Your goal is to help the client understand this as you help their animal move better. This series of lectures begins at the head and ends with the feet and tail. It explores what each part of the body contributes to movement of the whole. You will watch slow motion video of different equine gaits to allow you to begin to see smaller gait problems in your equine patients moving in real time.


Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 10 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: Completion of Gait Analysis 101

Lectures: 3

Quizzes: 3

Language: English

Gait Analysis 201E

  • What’s My Job: Equine is a course by Dr. Bill Ormston.  In this animated lecture Dr. Ormston describes various activities in which horses are asked to perform a job or event.  During this description he highlights the stresses and movements required in each discipline with its relationship to Animal Chiropractic.  This allows the students to see how they can often focus their work on an animal based on what is required of the animal in its job. Students who complete this course will have the ability to determine what activity may likely produce certain subluxations and will be able to correct those subluxations.  Getting Started with Video Gait Analysis describes how to use geometry to measure stride in animals without markers. It looks at different gaits and allows the student to measure some of these angles and stride abnormalities along with Dr. O.  Equine Gait Analysis uses several short video clips and has the student measure the angles and draw conclusions on where the problem lies in the dogs previously videoed by Dr. O.  Answers are screenshotted and sent in for grading.

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