Animal Chiropractic 201 Weekend

(Room and Board Included)

2021 course dates are as follows:

March 19th-21st  or

June 18th-20th

These three-day weekends are excellent confidence boosters as the weekend is with attendees spending most of their time adjusting animals. New techniques and listings that were not covered in the basic programs are covered as well as any weak areas that the attending student may have. Check the calendar for up-coming dates.  Each weekend is slightly different as the individuality of each animal and each attendee will make for some variation.


Animal Chiropractic 201 Weekend

Certificate: AVCA

Duration: 20 hours

Assessments: Yes

Skill Level: Certified Animal Chiropractor

Lectures: 2

Quizzes: 0

Language: English

Animal Chiropractic 201 Weekend

  • Animal Chiropractic 201 Weekend

    The weekend starts with hands on lab with the attendees adjusting live animals under the supervision of the instructors.  This opening lab sets a baseline and final plan for the weekend. The students then go to the classroom where advanced adjusting techniques, coupled adjusting techniques and problem areas are discussed.  Saturday is spent with two four-hour sessions adjusting live animals utilizing the techniques from Friday evenings lecture.  A two-hour Philosophy and Marketing seminar concludes the second day of this class.  Sunday morning finds attendees back in the laboratory setting utilizing the fact that repetition builds muscle memory and aids in the retention of the ideas learned over the weekend.